Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh Ya!!!
I'm BAD.....
You Know it!!!!
Notice the earring?
It's a diamond stud....
"The STUD"

Costume Class

Ya, It's ME as a CLOWN!
Sometimes my mom ain't right!!
We go to horse shows. Some of the shows have costume classes.
I WIN!!!!
This show is near Dayton, OH
The Blue Ribbon Classic Horse Show
I rode a horse and everything!!!

Big 3 Year Old

This is my BirthdayParty!!!!
From left to right is my little friend Neener, and then my wife, La La. Of course I am in the middle. On the far right is my son, Shrek. He is kind of goofy but we love him!

Me and MY PAL

Yoda & Bob

Meet my big brother, Bob. He may be a cat but he is a cat like no other. Well, he doesn't know he is a cat. He walks on a leash like me...okay better than me. I don't need a leash, I follow my mom wherever she goes anyway. Bob doesn't like to be touched a lot, he is too regal for such petting. You can pet me though.